About deco design

The exhibition stand specialists

For over 30 years, our expert team has been working with one main goal in mind. To stand everything with creativity, passion, imagination and most of all with efficiency.

That is why we focus on designing custom exhibition stands that stand out from the crowd so your product can stand out as well. The philosophy behind our work is simple, to offer our clients exhibition stands that will inspire them and services that will excite them.

Our team is an exceptional mix of creative and visionary professionals, set on changing the world of exhibition stand design. Each one of them is a passionate and driven specialist with deep knowledge of their field and focus on creating partnerships based on mutual respect and understanding.

We stand by our clients from the first moment, providing them with all the necessary tools and services to assure that they will have their needs met while creating unique exhibition stands for their products. From creating the exhibition stand idea to implementing it and managing all the necessary details, our specialized departments will handle everything so you can focus on your product.


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We'll stand by you every step of the way providing you with:

  • Exhibition stand rental

  • Asset management

  • Exhibition stand transport

  • Exhibition stand installation services

  • Trade show management services

  • Trade show management show

We dream BIG because the world is BIG

Whether a trade show is in Greece or Dubai we want to be able to help you wherever you need us. We don’t believe in boundaries and that is why we spread our wings around the world but our hearts beat at the center of Europe, Austria. With an outstanding presence around the world our exhibition stands and services can provide you the quality of work you need, no matter where you are.

We work around the world and so we believe in protecting it by designing with reusable materials whenever possible.